TikVPN | Sep 10th, 2020

It’s Kevin Hart getting his celebrity friends to do silly things, mainly to benefit charity but also because no one has anything else to do right now (and it seems especially appropriate since California is locking back down after a spike in COVID cases). But it’s a genuinely laugh-out-loud hour because the four couples are so relaxed, and they have no problems busting on one another as well as being completely silly-looking on TV.

The funniest scenes were the tiny Hyland, all by herself after her fiance bailed to the bathroom, gunning down mouthfulls of spaghetti all by herself, getting sauce on her glasses in the process, Crews busting balloons with his rock-hard tush, and pretty much anything involving McHale. We also appreciated Eniko Hart’s role, which was to sit by Kevin’s side and laugh her ass off at these friends doing these wacky things.

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