When you search for the best online deal on a pair of sneakers, in the next few weeks, online shopping ads start to follow you! Don't you hate it? This can be really annoying, but that's how web tracking works. In this article, we'll discuss how to protect your digital identity with free anti-tracking software.

What is web-tracking?

Web-tracking is the practice of collecting and storing information about a user's online behavior. Web-trackers can collect:

  1. IP address and location.
  2. Browsing history.
  3. Information about your behaviour on the website.
  4. Information about the browsers and devices you use.

While advertisers use web tracking to build your online profile and serve more relevant ads, this information can also be used for Phishing attacks, identity theft, tracking software, and extortion software. Fortunately, there are plenty of free anti-tracking software available to protect your anonymity.

The VPN redirects requests through the server, encrypting them before sending them to a website. This way, it masks your IP address and location, so no eavesdroppers can identify you and create a profile.

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How to Use TikVPN?

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