TikVPN | Sep 15th, 2020

The growth of e-commerce has fundamentally changed the way we buy. While the growth of e-commerce has allowed consumers of all ages to shop at any time, users must remain cautious. This growth in spending patterns has increased exponentially, leading to many criminals using the internet to defraud money.

Fake E-commerce Websites

Cybercriminals are adept at making money by using your knowledge or emotions to earn your trust. If you are in doubt about the reliability of a website, do not provide your bank and personal details. It is best to check the authenticity of anything before offering it and completing a purchase.

Credit card fraud is one of the most cost effective and lowest risk methods for cyber criminals and this fraud affects all industries including merchants, airlines and hotels.

Fake Advertising

There are several ways that fraudulent websites can attract and deceive you. One of the most common practices is the use of misleading advertisements on social networks. Imagine offering the latest collection of one of the latest brands at an unbeatable price. Even if this ad appears on the most used social networks, the product may be different from the original product shown in the ad.

One of the most common frauds on social networks (about 70% of cases) is encouraging users to share messages with fraudulent links to pages in order to retrieve personal data.

Fraudulent Apps

Beware of what you download on your tablet or smartphone! Some apps, while available on the app store, are dangerous. In fact, their design and interface are similar in every way to existing applications. Their goal is to earn your trust in order to better recover your personal or financial data.

How to avoid a Cybercrime

The most effective way to leave away from the cybercrime is to install a reliable VPN. A reliable VPN or Virtual Private Network will encrypt your data when connecting to the internet anytime and anywhere. That means you will hide yourself on the internet when using a VPN, the bad guys can not get your online information, and you will be safe, actually it is not very complex for a reliable VPN, such as TikVPN

TikVPN could entirely meet your demands when you surf the Internet, and plays a crucial role in protecting your personal information from hackers, saveing you money when shopping online, encrypting your online data, protecting yourself when using PUBLIC Wi-Fi, and stopping Google from tracking you. If you are interested in it, then download it and try its abundant functions providing with you.