TikTok is the most popular short videos app all around the world wihout any doubt, TikTok active users each month, and is currently available in 154 countries, and 39 languages, it's also filled with millions amazing creators.

And one of the famous creators is Holly H, Holly H is a TikTok user who has managed to gain a bit of renown for herself through her use of TikTok. While she got her start on Vine, another video app, she went on to use TikTok, formerly known as 'musical.ly'. The change proved to be a wise move, gaining her more than 16 million fans. But fame today isn't like that of yesterday, when people actually got where they were through blood, sweat, and tears; success seemingly happens overnight, and one result is that the 'celebrity' may only technically be famous with a very specific group of people. Therefore, many out there may not have any clue who the person is, while others know all about her. Holly H is one such example. It's not like she is a television regular, or a music star whose albums are played on the radio nationwide.

So, in an effort to familiarize more people with this girl, whom you may have heard about in passing but have no clue about when it comes to her life or 'accomplishments', we have put together a '10 Things' list all about her. It's featured below, and the facts listed will give you a much better idea who Holly H is and what she is 'famous' for. Whether you're a fan or an innocent bystander, you'll soon have a much clearer picture of this teen sensation by the end of this piece.

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