TikVPN | Sep 17th, 2020

Your action online is not private, the websites or apps you access to can monitor your action(Stop Google From Tracking You), besides, your ISP(Internet Service Provider) is tracking you all the time.

Why your ISP keeps tracking you?

We all want a secure and private envrionment when we surf the Internet, but your ISP keeps tracking you, but why?

Keep your data stored

In some countries, the ISPs are forced to store the users’ online data for a period by the government, and the government announced that the information is used to fight againgst the crime.


The ISPs collect the data to help the government, and themselves, too. They can sell the data to the advertisers, or anybody esle who needs it, and it is LEGAL that the ISPs sell the data they collect from the users in some countries, and one of them is America, and the advertisers then analyze the data to find the target customer who have a large value.

Some illegal actions online

For example, P2P sharing, it is illegal in some countries, and the ISPs need to monitor the users to check if they have used P2P sharing such as Torrents.

How to STOP your ISP from tracking you?

That is the key point, how to stop your ISP from tracking you? We have suggested some ways.

Use a reliable VPN

The most effective way to stop your ISPs from tracking you is to use a reliable VPN, a relibale VPN will encrypt your online data by bank-grand encryption, such as a 256-bit AES encryption. By using a VPN, you can change your IP address and your data or action online will be hiden from the ISPs, of courese, your ISPs can not keep tracking you if you use a reliable VPN such as TikVPN.

Use Tor

Tor, AKA onion routing, can also encrypts your traffic online. Tor can route your data through many servers managed by volunteers. Tor has servers all over the world, and that is the reason why your ISP is hard to track your traffic and to help you hide yourself from your ISP.


HTTPS can only protect your privacy on a website, the websites with HTTPS are encrypted, and your ISP can not track your traffic if you access to a HTTPS website.

We recommend TikVPN for you to stop your ISP from tracking you. TikVPN will encrypt your online data by a bank-grade encryption, and one account for TikVPN is available for 5 devices, and TikVPN offers the users a 30-day money-back guarantee!