TikVPN | Sep 18th, 2020

There are so many series and films which most people love so much on Netflix, however, some of the countries can not watch all the movies/shows on the Netflix due to the geo-restriction, the catalog of shows and movies you can view will vary depending on the region you're in. In some countries, people can only watch a few movies/shows.

Why you can only watch a few shows on Netflix?

The Netflix will rely on the user’s IP address to determine that what they will get on Netflix. As such, you may want to trick Netflix into thinking you are in a different region, such as the US, to access a better variety of content. And the user who can only a few shows/movies the Netflix should have to change their IP address to the ‘right’ one to watch the content on Netflix.

How to watch all the shows/movies on Netflix anywhere?

The effective way to watch the content on Netflix anywhere it to use a reliable VPN, such as TikVPN, a VPN will work when you want to watch the shows/movies streaming on US.

When you use a VPN, you will connect to the Internet through the VPN server rather than your own one, and your IP address on the internet will be the same as the VPN server’s, and you can access to the Netflix, however, not all the VPNs will work when accessing to the Netflix due to the anti VPN mechanism of the Netflix, and some of the VPNs will not protect your privacy very well. You need a reliable VPN, NordVPN, TikVPN, ExpressVPN and Surfshark are some reliable VPNs, all of them will work when accessing to the Netflix and will protect your privacy very well.

Why choose TikVPN?

TikVPN can unblock the worldwide content, such as Netflix, Hulu TV, Disney Plus, with over 40+ virtual locations, and TikVPN’s protocol optimizes your VPN to ensure fast, secure connections for gaming, streaming, downloading, P2P, and more.