Mystery Lab is a Brazilian educational web television series that is set to premiere on Netflix on August 4, 2020. It is an eight episode documentary series, created and hosted by YouTube star Felipe Castanhari. In every 30 minute episode, he reports various mysterious phenomena that have plagued mankind for thousands of years from his own laboratory or remote places. Through the scientific evidence and experiments, with the help of Dr. Thay, Betinho, and the laboratory's supercomputer Briggs.

The first episode discusses one of the biggest head scratching Games: why so many planes and ships and the people on them have disappeared from the Bermuda Triangle, which is in the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda Islands.

The documentary discusses different interesting themes in each episode and explains its various aspects from different angles. All in all, Mystery Lab is a well-made documentary. High quality production can be felt in every episode. What follows is that concepts are explained only on the basis of scientific evidence, and they are well explained so that even children can understand and benefit from it. Frankly speaking, this is a program that everyone can enjoy, considering the amount of knowledge it brings to you. You may be able to answer some of the questions that are bothering you.

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