The serius ‘The Great Heist’ is based on a real great heist of the National Bank in Colombia in 1994, and Pablo has changed the great heist to a new serius, though it is a bit too long when it comes to the Chayo’s desperaion. Besides, the high-stakes bank job thriller is a heady watch that does an expert job of cranking the tension up and up until it leaves you sweating with anticipation.

Much of this drama series treads familiar territory, though it’s done so well that it brings to mind classic 90s blockbuster films, and has a Soderbergh-ish energy to it. Andrés Parra, who resembles a young David Threlfall spliced with a Hollywood Jason – Sudeikis or Bateman, whichever suits – is Chayo, a bent jeweller with a history of extremely successful robberies. Extremely successful, that is, until the fateful night that kicks off this whole affair, when an attempt to make off with a gorgeous and intricate museum artefact ends in bloodshed, and marks the end of his heist days.

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