Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in America, however, if your geo-location is not lucky enough to be in the America, you have to use a VPN for Hulu. And only a few VPNs can by pass the Hulu VPN ban, many VPNs will not work when facing to the anti VPN mechanism. We have to find the reliable VPN which will do work when we want to access to the Hulu. We have tested 5 VPNs when accessing to the Hulu.


Firstly, we give it a try to the NordVPN, which is well known all around the world, and we access to the Hulu successfully with NordVPN, however, the when we play videos on Hulu, the loading time is too long to watch the videos fluently.


And we heard about ExpressVPN from my friend, then we try to access to the Hulu with ExpressVPN, and the results are not bad, we access to the Hulu successfully the same as NordVPN, and the loading speed is faster with ExpressVPN than the NordVPN, but it is still not fluently when we open a long videos.


Then we Surfshark is a cord-cutting tool for accessing Hulu and other streaming services from abroad. However, occasional slow server occurs when using Surfshak, and sometimes we can not even access to Hulu.


CyberGhost is similar to the NordVPN, we can access to the Hulu with CyaberGhost, however, the speed is not fast, and sometimes the videos have been forced to stop, and we have to wait for the loading.


TikVPN is the last one we tested, we even do not expect TikVPN for accessing to the Hulu, but the result changes everything, we can access to Hulu easily with TikVPN, and when we play videos on Hulu, there is no even one second stop for loading, we can watch the films, anime and TV shows fluently with TikVPN.