Connecting to the internet without any encryption will put you at risk, the hackers will break into your computer or smart phone to get your personal information, and the ISP will track you on the internet all the time, and GOOGLE will track you as well, wherever you go, Google goes. And a reliable VPN will help a lot with these cases.

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TikVPN offers you an unlimited internet experience, you can access all the blocked sites, and enjoy an easy and fast internet surfing, TikVPN will hide your IP address and protect your personal information, and TikVPN will prevent the websites from tracking you. TikVPN owns more than 200 servers in 40+ locations around the world, and your network can reach 2Gbps with TikVPN.

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TikVPN offers you a professional bank-grade VPN security, once your device is authenticated, the TikVPN works. TikVPN will creat an encrypted tunnel to help you prevent the hackers from breaking into your computer and smart phone. TikVPN’s 256-bit AES bank-grade encryption ensures that your Internet data is always secure and safe from hackers and third parties.

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You can check the solution to your problems in the TikVPN help center, and if the problems are still existed, TikVPN offers one-on-one customer support 24/7 and will response in a very short time.

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TikVPN is one of the highest quality-price rate VPN in the VPN industry, and the one-month premium will cost you $5.99 and one-year premium membership will cost you $29.99 ($2.50 per month) for the best VPN service, and you can enjoy free VPN server if you want to give a try to TikVPN.