Many people have heard of VPN, but what exactly is VPN? How does a VPN work? Although there are many articles about VPN and guides to use a VPN on the Internet, most of them are written by professional person, and full of terminology, which is boring and difficult to read. And this one is different from the professional ones, you can easily understand the VPNs and how VPN works.

What is VPN

VPN is a network communication method. It was first used to ensure the safety and privacy of network communication. Nowadays, it is often used to break through the network blockade.

Why do you need a VPN

VPN was not invented to unblock websites at first. The full name of VPN is "Virtual Private Network", which is used to help users protect their privacy and change their geo location.

How does a VPN work

If someone wants to visit Netflix on Internet without a VPN, his computer/phone will link to the Netflix website directly, and he will be told that the Netflix service is not available in his country yet. And with a VPN, if he wants to visit Netflix, his computer/phone will no longer link to the Netflix directly, instead, his computer/phone will connect to the VPN server first and send a command to the VPN server-"I want to visit Netflix". After receiving the instruction, the VPN server visits Netflix on its own, receives the content of the Netflix, and then transmits the content back to the user, and the users can finally visit the content of the Netflix, That means, when we use a VPN, we can easily visit a website which is prohibited without a VPN.

In addition, VPN has an important feature: the communication between VPN users and VPN servers is encrypted, so that they will not be tracked by hackers. If it is possible to be intercepted by another people if two people are in a call, but if they are using a special language that no one else can understand (this is encryption), the content of the call will not be leaked.

With these characteristics, we can understand why using a VPN can guarantee the user's privacy & security. All connections between the user and the VPN server Is encrypted by a VPN. In this way, hackers cannot intercept the network access content of VPN users, but few VPN can protect your privacy & security well. Only a few excellent VPNs can do it.

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How to Use TikVPN?

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