When it comes to VPN service, most people will think of its role in changing IP address. However, VPN has other various functions in our daily life including protecting personal privacy information, providing the same network service in different places, and so on.

When you need to protect your privacy in public

As more and more free wireless network connection resources are available now, free wireless network hotspots are usually provided in shopping malls, MRT stations, restaurants, and even shuttle buses, which are convenient for users to connect to the Internet for a short period of time to query information, and can almost enable users to connect to the network smoothly wherever they go.

However, these easy-to-use free network hotspots may also become the trap set by hackers. For example, through camouflage the wireless network hotspots, the hackers will steal the data stored on users’ devices, record their online behavior, or even further "kidnap" the user's connection devices through malicious programs, and then demand payment of unlocking ransom.

Therefore, in addition to setting up a defense line through the protection software, VPN service is a necessary choose to further "disguise" the current network connection location of individuals, so that the above threats can not smoothly grasp the actual IP address of users on the network, and the hackers can not pose a threat to the privacy of users' devices, use behavior and so on.

When using the same network service in different places

In today’s society, it is inevitable for most people to use the network services from their original homes when they move in different countries or regions to visit Netflix or other streaming audio-visual services. Since these services may not be available in specific regions due to copyright protections.

At this time, users can "pretend" that they are in a specific area relying on VPN service, and then smoothly use the same network service when they are in other place. On the other hand, it can also allow users to use the services which are currently only implemented in foreign regions at home.

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How to Use TikVPN?

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