You may know VPN, Virtual Private Network, but you may not use it, and let’s see some cases if you don’t have a VPN at home.

Can not access the BLOCKED Apps or Websites

We all know that the USA goverment is considering a TikTok ban, and what shall we do after the USA goverment ban TikTok in the USA? We can use a VPN to change our IP address and by pass the geo-restriction, we can access TikTok, we can access Wechat when “That Comes True”.

Afraid of the LEAKING of your personal information

There are many websites which will collect our personal information without our permission or even knowing, it is so boring when we surf the internet and we always try to protect our private data, even without any result, and a VPN can easily help us with the case, VPNs usually encrypt the information when we surf the internet, and will prevent the websites from knowing what services you are accessing and what content you are browsing.

Other Threats at Home

Most of the time, our home network is secure, until some bad guys break in, they will replace our router, and break into our computer or smart phone to get our personal information, they are so bad, but we can do nothing to prevent them from breaking in, except using a VPN.

VPNs can do many other things for us, and it is very very necessary when we surf the internet at home, but how to get one? There are many VPNs ,such as NordVPN, TikVPN, Express VPN, and what the difference? Click here to check “Best 5 VPNs in 2020”