You may know what a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, however, you probably don't use it. You really should be using a VPN, and even if you don't think so now, at some point in the future you may consider it as important as your internet connection. Let's see why you need a VPN.

1.Overturning the wall (GFW)

As a mainland Internet user, GFW (Great FireWall) is an inescapable existence, although the government does not publicly recognize it. When you visit Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Blogger, you find "this The page cannot be displayed "; or when using Google to search and find that the page is blank for more than ten seconds before responding; or when you search for the required information and click the link but it does not open, 99% of the cases are caused by GFW.

VPNs usually encrypt content when transmitting network data, which prevents GFW from knowing what services you are accessing and what content you are browsing. Because GFW determines whether to block your network connection depends on domain name / IP blacklist detection, sensitive word matching and other means, at this time in its view, you are just sending a bunch of unintentional arbitrary to an IP address data. Since the test result was "negative", it had to adopt the default behavior, which is "release". So the Internet becomes unobstructed, as if breathing PM2.5 <10 air.

2.Better personal network security

When using a browser to access the Internet, most websites use the HTTP protocol, but it is transmitted in clear text. In addition, there are some proprietary protocols for application software, which also use plain text transmission. This makes it possible for some people with suspicions to intercept and view your online content. Due to the aforementioned VPN encryption behavior, it not only evades GFW, but also evades these malicious behaviors. In an untrusted network environment (such as WiFi in public places), it is a good security practice to connect to a VPN before going online.

Use of restricted Internet services in certain areas

Worldwide e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Kindle Store, and iTunes Store, provide services by region. For some reasons, the content provided in China is relatively small. For example, the iTunes Store does not provide music, movies, and TV series in China. Books only provide a small number of masterpieces that have passed the copyright protection period. If you want to use the content and get the corresponding services, you need to register an account in these platforms in the non-Chinese region (in most cases, the US region). These platforms will basically verify whether the registrant's IP address comes from this area, so you need to "disguise" through the VPN in order to pass the verification.

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