TikVPN | Sep 8th, 2020

I'm thinking of ending things, it's a statement, and it's a movie.

"It's why I like road trips," a driver says to his his companion as they hustle down an icy highway. "It's good to remind yourself that the world's larger than the inside of your own head." The exchange — though it's tough to call it an exchange, given that it feels like the man behind the wheel is mumbling the thought aloud to himself — happens early in I'm Thinking of Ending Things, Charlie Kaufman's adaptation of Iain Reid's novel, and feels like one of many breadcrumbs being dropped for viewers. Make that "adaptation," and yes, we're aware of the irony in referencing that particular word in the context of this filmmaker. But the scare quotes are earned, as is the overall instability — of our narrator's reliability, of what we're watching, of reality itself. It uses the book's already complicated storyline of "boy meets girl, boy takes girl to meet parents, things fall apart and the center cannot hold" to delve into deeper thoughts on memory, misery and mortality. And somehow, amidst all of the shifting perspectives and timeframes and overall blurring of lines, it also manages to move you to tears even as it leaves you bewildered and unmoored.

The Movie I'm Thinking of Ending Things is now showing on Netflix, however, not all the people around the world can access to the Netflix, if your location is not lucky enough to access to the Netflix, what should you do to watch I'm Thinking of Ending Things on Netflix?

The Netflix will rely on the user's IP address to determine that whether they can access to the Netflix or not. That means the user who can not access to the Netflix should change their IP address to the'right' one. And VPNs will help a lot with that case.

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