When you are going to travel to Iran or Turkmenistan, have you ever thought about 24/7 Internet access? Whether are you free to check your email, upload pictures on Facebook, or send messages to your friends via WhatsApp? Many people want to be able to keep in touch with their family and friends all the time, especially those who are traveling abroad. They want their family and friends to know their location and safety. However, some countries in the world have blocked many websites in some way, in particular those we like or often use.

If you are planning to travel to Iran or Turkmenistan, you have to be prepared for accepting the Internet censorship and many blocked websites. However, you can still access your favorite sites which are blocked in Iran or Turkmenistan through connecting a VPN. As a connection method used to access a blocked website, even if you are in Iran, VPN is able to help you connect to the blocked website as you would in the United States or other countries. Therefore, when you are going to Iran or Turkmenistan for holiday, please do not forget to download VPN in advance while enjoying yourself.

In addition to helping you visit the blocked international websites, VPN can also bring some other online security to your travel. The following content is a detailed introduction about why you should use a VPN in Iran or Turkmenistan in traveling.

Bypass Internet censorship

When you travel in Iran or Turkmenistan, it's likely to prevent you from visiting many of your favorite media streaming sites, including Hulu and Netflix. Blocked content is the main reason you should use VPN during your vacation. You can easily transfer your favorite programs using VPN. Apart from watching your favorite TV shows, you can also access different social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Iran and Turkmenistan restrict their citizens' Internet access, which means you are failed to access these websites that the government has banned. When using VPN, you can use different servers to bypass government checks and access the content you want to access.

Protect your Wi-Fi connection

Whether you are using hotspots on your mobile phone or using built-in Wi Fi on your laptop, public Wi-Fi provided by hotels or residential resorts, you need to use VPN. Because public Wi-Fi has a lot of insecurity factors, there may be millions of network threats that threaten your online data. Public networks are "open" networks, which means encrypted passwords cannot protect them. Wi-Fi provided by hotels or resorts may have a password, but its encryption is basic and unable to provide adequate protection. VPN can protect you from network attacks and prevent people from accessing your computer remotely.

Avoid location restrictions

Location constraints, also known as geographic constraints, can be frustrating. If you plan to work in a library, school or similar institution, you will use the filtered Internet. The filtered version of the Internet blocks your access to most of the content you're interested in, which is why it's wise to use VPN for such content.

Some content in libraries, schools, businesses and similar places helps staff and students focus. Because if they're not distracted by social media and other content on the Internet, they can focus on productivity. When using VPN, you can avoid location restrictions and get the content you want.

Cover up your Internet activities

Whether you are at home, on the road or in other countries, you must want to protect your online privacy and don't hope everyone be able to see your Internet activities. Without VPN, people can see every site you visit and the data you use, which puts you at risk of various internet scams, including identity theft. A variety of search engines and Internet service providers can store your data and track everything you do on the road, and view your downloads and other activities, including the applications you use. Using VPN can prevent anyone from viewing and recording your data.

Prevent Price Targeting

Location-based price targeting is how many retailers get you to spend your hard-earned money. Companies have mastered the skills of using your Internet data and location to target their ads. Have you noticed that you visited a retail website to browse the clothing, then logged into the social media site and saw an advertisement for the same clothing as you had seen on another website? This shows that the particular retailer uses your Internet data to display their ads on you and motivate you to purchase.Airlines also use your Internet data to view your travel destinations and increase their ticket prices accordingly.

Visit what you like

When you are travelling, you may want to watch some of your favorite programs or listen to your favorite news. With VPN, you can watch everything you need and listen to news from around the world. Many of the content you may want to access will be blocked or restricted due to censorship issues and streaming providers not allowing access to their websites in some countries. If you do have access to your favorite streaming website, the content may be different. If you want to visit some of your favorite shows or movies, but they will be in other languages and may not have subtitles. When you're ready to relax while watching your favorite movie or TV show, you can choose to use VPNs.

Peace of mind

Having peace of mind is one reason using a VPN in the trip. When you are at ease, you can rest assured and enjoy your holiday. VPN will help you check your bank account status or visit social media sites to stay in touch with relatives and friends in safety. You don't have to worry about being able to track your every move on the Internet and access your data. Using VPN allows you to enjoy your vacation the way you planned.

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