TikVPN | Sep 7th, 2020

Mulan is talking about a female hero in the ancient China who is participating a war instead of her old father. Director Nikki Caro's live-action show about the classic story of a young Chinese woman who masquerades as a man to become a warrior, the story is exciting from start to end. It's steeped in traditional cultural backgrounds and details, but with the help of dazzling special effects and innovative action sequences, it feels exhilaratingly modern. Do you want to fight gravity, martial arts inspired aerials, well-choreographed martial arts fights and equestrian stunts? You got it all.

At the center is the lovely Yifei Liu, who is asked to show great range as Mulan transforms herself from a brazen, impetuous rebel to a mature, commanding leader. Just as importantly, she finds her voice in this journey - a phenomenon specific to this character and this story, but one that couldn't resonate better with women of all ages around the world. Liu Xiang's performance could have been stronger if she had been a little more emotional, but her steel and physical display make her a compelling fighter.

The Movie Mulan is going to show on Netflix, however, not all the people around the world can access to the Netflix, if your location is not lucky enough to access to the Netflix, what should you do to watch Mulan on Netflix?

The Netflix will rely on the user's IP address to determine that whether they can access to the Netflix or not. That means the user who can not access to the Netflix should change their IP address to the'right' one. And VPNs will help a lot with that case.

When you use a VPN, you will connect to the Internet through the VPN server rather than your own one, and your IP address on the internet will be the same as the VPN server's, and you can access to the Netflix, however, not all the VPNs will work when accessing to the Netflix due to the anti VPN mechanism of the Netflix, and some of the VPNs will not protect your privacy very well. You need a reliable VPN which offers free server, NordVPN, TikVPN, ExpressVPN and Surfshark are some reliable VPNs, all of them will work when accessing to the Netflix and will protect your privacy very well.