TikVPN | Sep 4th, 2020

Bobby Dio seems to finally have a movie that will most likely get him back on track. Judging by the just released trailer, Netflix's Class of '83 promises to be a thrilling and enjoyable film.

Class of '83 tells the story of the Mumbai police in 1983 and how they band together to destroy the gangsters in the city. Bobby Dio plays Dean Vijay Singh, who leads the police team and is also in charge of the gangster encounters. But he also faces some major challenges. In his performance, I really enjoyed Bobby Dio's old charisma, but not like this. The film also features talented actors like Anup Soni, Prithvik Pratap and Joey Sengupta. Watching them on screen will be a treat.

Class of '83 is directed by Atul Sabhavar and produced by Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Gaurav Verma. The film is based on the book by Hussain Zaidi Class of '83. It will be available on Netflix from August 21, 2020.

The series Class Of '83 is now showing on Netflix, however, not all the people around the world can access to the Netflix, if your location is not lucky enough to access to the Netflix, what should you do to watch Class Of '83 on Netflix?

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