The America Goverment has announced that they will ban TikTok, Wechat, and they said that the two apps will collect the privacy of Americans and that is illegal, and read this artilce for “protecting your privacy when using TikTok”, however, is TikTok the only one website / app which will collect your personal information? The answer is definitely not, APPs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instgram will also collect your personal information, and how can you protect your personal data from leaking to these social medium such as Facebook?

How to protect your privacy when using Facebook?

Delete your personal information

You never know how much information you have put on Facebook, just like you never know how many chickens you have eaten. Your location, your name, your birthday, and even your email address and your phone number, all of these information are exposed to the internet and the bad guy, such as a hacker, can easily get your information from your Facebook. So, it is necessary to delete your information on Facebook to protect your personal information from leaking to others.

Be careful about the facebook partners

When you log into other websites or apps such as Yelp, tumblr and so on, the websites or APPs will access to data from your Facebook account, and they will get your photo, your name, and even your phone number. And we suggest you to creat new account for every single websites or apps. That will be helpful with your personal information.

Use a VPN

Now you can protect your privacy in most time, however, some bad guys such as hackers can easily get your privacy when you are using Facebook, and you can use a VPN to access to Facebook even though you do not have to. A VPN will encrypt your personal information and will prevent your personal information from tracking by hackers.