Donald Trump, the president of America, has announced that the American Goverment will ban TikTok in the mid September, he believed that TikTok has collected the personal information of American illegal, however, TikTok is definitely not the only one APPs which will collect your privacy, connecting to the internet will put your personal information at risk, and how do you protect your privacy when using Twitter?

How to protect your privacy when using Twitter?

Let us see what Twitter said:

Twiteer Suggest you to control the information you share with Twitter settings. You can protect your Tweets, which means your Tweets will only be visible to your followers, and every time someone try to follow you, you can choose to accepet or decline.

And you can make your Twitter account discoverability, which means ohters, including some bad guys, can not find you when they search the Twitter.

And you should be careful about the information you are providing third-party applications, other websites can get your personal information when you try to sign up for the account of them with Twitter, and it is a good idea to register a new account for every single websites or apps, which will help in protecting your privacy.

Use a VPN

The suggestion from Twitter will work most of the time, however, it will not work when a hacker try to track you and get your information on Twitter, and you can use a reliable VPN to access to Twitter, accessing to Twitter with a VPN will protect your privacy from being stolen by hacker, because a VPN will encrypt your data transmitted to Twitter, and hackers can not break into your computer or smart phone to get your information if you use a VPN.