It is usual safe when you are accessing the internet at home, but it is another story when you venture out through. Connecting to an unknown public Wi-Fi will put you at risk, and you must so something to minimize the damage.

Connect to the Wi-Fi in well-known places

If you have to connect to a public Wi-Fi, choose a Wi-Fi in well-known places such as Starbucks, the largest local Super-Market, etc. We have to say that there is no absolutely secure public Wi-Fi, however, you can choose the Wi-Fi which is likely less suspect.

Stick with HTTPS

HTTPS is more secure when comparing to HTTP, the data will be encrypted when transmitted to the internet with HTTPS while the HTTP will not. When you browse over HTTPS, the people on the same Wi-Fi as you can not snoop on the data that travels between you and the server of the website you're connecting to.

Use a VPN

The most effective way to prevent your data from the risk when using public Wi-Fi is to install a reliable VPN. A reliable VPN or Virtual Private Network will encrypt your data when connecting to the internet anytime and anywhere. That means you will hide yourself on the internet when using a VPN, actually it is not very complex for a reliable VPN, you can easily get one reliable VPNs on Google Play and App Store.

We must learn to protect ourselves wherever we are when connecting to the internet, and reliable VPNs(How to get a reliable VPN), such as TikVPN, will help a lot with that case.