The harm brought by free WiFi will cause users to face the risk of theft of important passwords such as mailboxes, online banking, and Alipay after connecting to WiFi without a password using their mobile phones. Now information security has become a topic of concern to the public

It is recommended to turn off the WiFi function when logging in to online banking, Alipay and other apps, and use the 3G and 4G data traffic of the mobile phone to operate. Can't use 3G, 4G, then, users' devices can't go online in public WiFi? The answer is no, even if there is no mobile network, these devices can still go online safely and reliably through another method.

First, the user needs to have a reliable VPN account,such as TikVPN. Then, close all background applications of the device and start to connect to the WiFi. When the device is connected to the unsecured WiFi, connect to the VPN immediately, and then connect to the Internet after the VPN is successfully connected, because all network traffic goes It is a VPN, so it is difficult for third parties to eavesdrop on this intermediate communication.

VPN mainly uses tunnel technology, encryption and decryption technology, key management technology and user and device identity authentication technology. A secure VPN uses an encrypted tunneling protocol to provide confidentiality by preventing interception and sniffing. It also allows sender authentication to prevent identity forgery, while providing message integrity by preventing information from being modified.

Today's society is an era of highly developed information. Information technology represented by network technology has become an important factor leading the development of social productive forces. For enterprises, how to use network technology to serve the development and growth of enterprises has become a problem that must be solved. Therefore, enterprise information security has become a top priority.

Corporate video surveillance information is leaked. The generally accepted reason is that "all devices exposed to the Internet environment will face the risk of hacker attacks." . Can the risk of being attacked be avoided by setting a complex password? Obviously not. No matter how complicated the password setting is, the attacker can still take advantage of it. We ca n’t suppress the need for companies to access the intranet remotely, nor can we expect a string of complex passwords to protect everything. Then, the most effective way is not to expose the company ’s information to the Internet. To do this, companies need only use Network equipment with VPN function.

VPN English full name is "Virtual Private Network", translated as "Virtual Private Network". VPN is defined as the establishment of a temporary, secure connection through a public network (usually the Internet), which is a secure and stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. Using this tunnel can encrypt data several times to achieve the purpose of using the Internet safely. The virtual private network is an extension of the corporate intranet. The virtual private network can help remote users, company branches, business partners and suppliers to establish a trusted and secure connection with the company's intranet, which is used to cost-effectively connect to business partners and users' secure extranet virtual private networks. VPN mainly uses tunnel technology, encryption and decryption technology, key management technology and user and device identity authentication technology.

Use mainstream VPN technologies such as PPTP, L2TP and IPSec. Through the IKE encryption algorithm, it provides high-strength security protection. Not only the video surveillance information, but also financial, warehousing, logistics, and personnel management data between the corporate headquarters and branches, branches and branches, need to be transmitted and shared in real time. With the VPN function, a "private line" can be established within the enterprise to achieve secure and encrypted mutual access between the branch and the headquarters. Even if your password is the simplest 123456, there is still no threat to information security.

VPN can be connected to the Internet through a specially encrypted communication protocol, and a dedicated communication line is established between two or more corporate intranets located in different places, just like setting up a dedicated line, but it does not need to Really lay physical lines such as optical cables. This is like going to the telecommunications bureau to apply for a dedicated line, but there is no need to pay for laying the line, and you do n’t have to buy hardware equipment such as routers. VPN technology was originally one of the important technologies that routers have. It supports VPN functions in switches, firewall devices, or Windows 2000 and above operating systems. In short, the core of VPN is to use public networks to establish virtual private networks.

With the advent of the information age, information technology represented by network technology has become an important driving force for social development. With its advantages of massive information, interactivity, and convenience, network technology is increasingly entering people's lives. Of course, network technology also has many shortcomings, such as network security issues, which may become a potential threat to social development. Therefore, while using network technology, we must pay attention to ensuring our own information security.