YouTube is a global platform with more than 2 billion active users every month from all over the world. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean everyone can access every video. Users trying to access video face many restrictions. According to which country you are in, some videos will be blocked. This process is called geographic blocking. Anyone who has used YouTube on holiday or while living abroad will be familiar with this annoying screen:

YouTube blocks content in a country for two reasons:

License: This usually happens on entertainment materials owned by a large company. The video's owner has chosen to restrict access to a certain number of countries, or the owner does not have permission to share the video in a specific country. Many music videos are subject to license restrictions, such as wiz Khalifa's official black and yellow videos, which are blocked in most parts of Africa and parts of Central America and the Caribbean.

Comply with local laws: YouTube sometimes blocks videos that violate local laws. In Thailand, for example, it is illegal to slander the Thai monarch, so videos criticizing the Thai king are blocked in Thailand.

When you have the freedom to express yourself and exchange ideas, we think the Internet is the best. This freedom is undermined when companies impose geographic blocks on content. TikVPN is a strong defender of freedom of speech, and we condemn any form of Internet censorship.

How to unlock Youtube Video

These simple tips will help you unlock videos on YouTube while traveling or on vacation.

Connect via VPN
A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your Internet traffic and routes it through servers in another country, making it look like you are browsing the Internet from that country. Encryption can also block IP addresses from Internet service providers (ISPs), which means your online activity will remain private.

However, if you connect to VPN, VPN service will be able to see all your Internet activities. That's why it's critical to use only trusted VPN services.


  1. Your viewing records will be confidential
  2. It's easy to move from one country to another
  3. VPN connection speed is fast enough to easily stream video


  1. VPN can see all your online activities when you connect, which is why you should only use trusted VPN without log policy

Use Tor browser

Use this option only if the local government knows you are watching the video. Tor browser is a powerful privacy tool that can be used to hide your IP address. It allows you to send internet traffic over the tor network, a network of special servers from around the world. The Tor browser encrypts your Internet traffic three times and then routes it through three different servers, making it almost impossible to track.

Although this is quite a complex process, you can set up the country where the final Tor server is located, and theoretically use the Tor browser to avoid the geographical block of Youtube. However, considering how slow Tor is (and streaming video will block the whole tor network), VPN can better serve ordinary YouTube viewers.


  1. Your viewing records will be confidential.


  1. Traffic is slow.
  2. By watching YouTube videos on Tor, you'll make others who use tor slower.
  3. The setting and use of tor may be complex.

Using TikVPN

In most cases, using VPN is the best way to access geoblocked YouTube video. To keep view history private, use only VPN services that are trusted and have no logging policies.

TikVPN is committed to transparency. We want you to know who is running the service. We like to let us compete with the government, support journalists and maintain the records of open source libraries that everyone can use.

The next time you're on a trip and still want to use YouTube to listen to that perfect song or watch a video from a friend, use TikVPN. It's fast and easy to install.

  1. Download TikVPN
  2. Click "connect"
  3. Enjoy yourself on YouTube