TikVPN | Nov. 11th, 2020

Schools and colleges often set restrictions to some content online, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, not only the social media platforms are blocked, most streaming platforms are blocked, too, students can not access to Netflix, Hulu TV, HBO when they are in school.

Need a VPN to unblock your school Wi-Fi? Use TikVPN

Why schools and colleges blocking contents?

The major reason for schools and colleges blocking social media platform is making sure that the students will focus on study, and there are also considerations along bandwidth use, if everyone's downloading or streaming video then the network will get throttled fairly quickly.

Besides, Schools have to pay attention to the law. A United States law says they must filter or block material which is "harmful to minors" for students under age 17, sometimes they block so much, they will get into bad trouble if they don't block enough, and if they block too much, the worst thing they will face is protests.

Why do you need a VPN to unblock school Wi-Fi?

Unblock the content online

Many social media platform and streaming platform are blocked, however, students need to access to the social media platform to contact friends and family members, besides, students can find many PDF versions articles or videos to help them with their education, so, it is important to use a VPN to unblock the social media and streaming platform.

Protect your privacy

Hackers and your ISP(Internet Service Provider) can track your traffic with your IP address and steal your personal information when you connect to the internet, they even sell your personal information on profit purpose, and TikVPN can hide your real IP address by routing your internet traffic through a VPN tunnel, plus TikVPN will encrypt your online data with a 256-bit AES encryption, AKA a bank-grade encryption, meaning your data will be protected well with TikVPN.

How to choose a school VPN?

A VPN can unblock the social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter in school, however, most VPN will not work when you want to unblock school Wi-Fi, only a few reliable VPNs can bypass the anti-vpn programme of the school Wi-Fi.

TikVPN can hide your real IP address by routing your internet traffic with the best VPN tunnel, which will offer a bank-grade encryption, meaning you can bypass all the anti-vpn programme and visit the websites or apps you favor a lot, besides, the 256-bit AES encryption of TikVPN will protect your privacy very well, no one can track your traffic when you connect to the internet, not your school, not your ISP(Internet Service Provider), and not the hackers(the hackers track you by your IP address, and when connecting to TikVPN, your real IP address will disappear on the internet).

TikVPN can do this by either avoiding detection via obfuscated servers and by having such a large network that TikVPN can immediately replace any servers that are detected and blacklisted by anti-VPN programme.

Frequency Asked Questions

Can not access to Social Media platform with TikVPN?

The reasons for can not access to Social Media platform with TikVPN can be various,check the internet speed of your smart phone firstly and you can change another TikVPN server, and contact us via our 24/7 customer support if you still can not access to Social Media platform with TikVPN.

Will my scholl know if I use TikVPN?

The 256-bit AES Encryption will hide your real IP address and encrypt your online traffic, the Wi-Fi admin can only know that someone is using a VPN by a specific device, they will never know who exactly use a VPN, so it is safe to use TikVPN in school.

Only those VPNs with the ability to bypass the anti-VPN system can really help when you need a VPN when playing PUBG.

How to Use TikVPN to unblock school Wi-Fi?

  • Download TikVPN to your device
  • Follow the instructions, launch it
  • One-tap connection to TikVPN server
  • Have a great experience online