Now we know that what is a VPN and why do we need a vpn, but who needs a VPN and why? Let us see.

The employee of international company

The employee of international company need a VPN to avoid geo-restricrions of websites, they can visit the websites all over the world without any geo-restricrions, and of course VPN will protect their data and information from hackers or someothers who try to steal their information.


Celebrities need a VPN to stop the invasion of their privacy, the paparazzi and cyber criminals are always trying to break into the celebrities' computer or phone to get their private photos and messages, and VPN will help celebrities to solve this problem.


Cinephile need a VPN to avoid the geo-restrictions of the most popular video streaming services like US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu from anywhere in the world.


Freelancer need a VPN to protect their private data while working at home, or in public, the Wi-Fi in public will help the freelancer when they work in public and will bring the risk of leaking their private data at the same time, the hackers can easily break into their computer in this case, however, VPN can easily protect their data from hackers even when they are working in public.


Artists need a VPN to protect their articles from the invasion of competitors, who are always trying to figure out what are you writing.

Shopping fan

Shopping fan usually need to visit the websites all over the world to find the lowest price of the stuff they want, and they can not visit some websites without a VPN because of the geo-restriction, and VPNs can protect their credit card data from hackers.


The young couples like to record their daily life, that's not something bad, what really matters is the invasion of the hackers, the hackers try to steal the private photos and love massages to gain benefits by selling these information to pXXn websites.


Travellers need a VPN to avoid geo-restrictions of the websites they visit in their daily life, and VPNs can protect their personal informatino when they are not familiar with the environment when travelling, and they can find the lowest price when they buying the tickets and booking a room.

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