TikVPN | Nov. 16th, 2020

League of Legends: Wild Rift regional OBT has started recently, and many players are hyped to play and try the new mobile game, there are a few guidelines for the new players in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Guide

Do play the tutorial

Many new players in Wild Rift choose to skip the tutorial, and play against other players without any practise, and of course, they will get a bad experience in the game. New players need to play the tutorial to familiar to the game and the champions. The tutorial gives you a choice to unlock a champion to use in the game, too. And you will have basic knowledge when you play against other players.

The Champions

There are more than 40 champions in the Wild Rift now, and each of them has their own skills to help you to win the game, but not all the champions are available at the very beginning, you have to unlock the champions with your blue essence before you can use the champion in a game, and you will get a few blue essence every time you complete a game or completing daily tasks or weekly tasks, every champion is useful and will impact the game.

The Roles and the Lanes in Wild Rift

There are 6 roles in the Wild Rift:

The marksman, AKA the ADC, which stands for Attack Damage Carry

The Mage, AKA the APC, which stands for Ability Power Carry

The Tank, who can protect the ADC and APC

The Fighter, who is always used to lock down enemies and start a battle

The Assassin,who ganks in a game and help the ADC or APC to get a high economy

The Support, who helps the ADC and protect the ADC

There are 3 lanes in the Wild Rift, Baron Lane, Mid Lane and Dragon Lane, and there is a special area called Jungle.

The Dragon Lane is designated for ADC and Support champion, it is a 2v2 lane.

The Mid Lane is designated for APC, it is a 1v1 solo lane.

The Baron Lane is designated for Fighter Champion or Tank Champion, it is a 1v1 solo lane.

The Jungle is designated for Assassin Champion or Fighter Champion.

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