Change servers by using a Garena Free Fire VPN

How to change a server by using a Free Fire VPN?
Garena Free Fire assigns a country or geographic area based on your location. However, VPN trick allows you to change your country in the game and play with people from any continent.
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Changing servers through VPN for Free Fire right now
Garena's Free Fire is currently one of the most popular games in the Play Store. This combat game was originally released in 2017. After PUBG Mobile was banned in many countries due to its partnership with China's Tencent, the number of players has surged recently.
Once you create an account in Free Fire, it will be automatically assigned to the server closest to you for the game. Players do not have the freedom to choose or change servers in the game. Whenever they line up to play the game, they can only choose the server closest to them.
When you change the country, you change the geographic area where you play in Garena Free Fire, and you need a VPN to do so. This type of service is usually provided in the form of an application and acts as an intermediary between you and the game server, allowing you to appear to be connected in one place, but in fact you are in another place.
TikVPN allows you to effectively change your area. In fact, there is a part of its interface to make this change, although depending on the server you choose, you may be more or less successful. First, download and install the application on the phone.
Google Play Store
Step 01
Download TikVPN app in Google Play
FreeFire setting
Step 02
Go to settings and clear the app data of Free Fire
Change VPN server
Step 03
Use the VPN to change your location to your desired region/server
Create a FreeFire Account
Step 04
Launch Free Fire, and create a guest account
That's it! Now you can play Free Fire on the server you want. If you want to bind this account, please use VPN to create a Google/Facebook account for yourself, and then bind it with the guest account you just created. Once completed, you can turn off the VPN, but your server will remain unchanged.