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The benefits and risks when using P2P sharing

P2P, AKA Peer-to-Peer sharing, is one of the fastest way to share files with others, everyone can download a file from one server or a network of servers with P2P, and everyone becomes an uploader, too. P2P makes the sharing of the files more efficient.

However, the reputation of P2P sharing is not very good, and many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) try to discourage the users (and even bans P2P sharing) from the P2P sharing, but there are legitimate legal uses for file sharing - in fact, P2P technology is ideal:
1. Publicly distributing freely available data(e.g., open source software, public domain videos, scientific data, or large government information sets);
2. Internal sharingof large amounts of enterprise data;
3. Pushing software updatesto a huge user base.
And you still need to think about the safety when you use P2P sharing, the factor which threaten you most is every device on the P2P sharing can see each other’s IP address, and some bad guys such as the hackers will find all the information about you through your IP address, so, it is important to hide your IP address when using P2P sharing, that will help a lot when you want to protect your privacy when you want to use P2P sharing.
And if you do not hide your IP address, your ISP(Internet Service Provide) will soon realize that you are using P2P, they may block the P2P sharing or limit your bandwidth when you are using P2P.
The result is, we should hide your IP address when we use P2P sharing, and a VPN works when you want to hide your IP address.
Why a VPN will make P2P better?
A VPN hide your IP address
When you connect a VPN service such as TikVPN, your real IP will be replaced by the VPN server’s, and your real IP will disappear on the internet, and the hackers/ISPs can no longer track your traffic anymore, a VPN will help you stay private when using P2P sharing.
Bypass the throttling
The ISP may limit your bandwidth when you are using P2P, and a VPN will bypass the throttling, and protect your internet speed.
Encrypt all the data online
Your P2P files and other online data will be encrypted by a VPN and no one can get your private information through a P2P sharing.
How to choose the VPN for P2P sharing?
A P2P-friendly VPN will provide features for a faster and safer P2P sharing, there are several features you should consider when choosing a VPN P2P sharing:
1. Strict no-log policy
The strict no-log policy in TikVPN ensures that no one(including TikVPN) can track your every activity when you are using TikVPN.
2. 256-bit AES bank-grade encryption
The 256-bit AES bank-grade encryption of TikVPN protect your every device from the hackers when using P2P service.
3. No bandwidth limit
Your ISP may limit your bandwidth when you are using P2P sharing, and TikVPN will hide your IP address, and your ISP can no longer track you anymore.