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A Great Streaming Experience with TikVPN
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How does TikVPN work when stream shows?

There are so many series and films which most people love so much on stream platforms, however, some of the countries can not watch all the movies/shows due to the geo-restriction, the catalog of shows and movies you can view will vary depending on the region you’re in. But don’t worry, with a VPN like TikVPN, you can stream any shows you favor just at home.

When connects to TikVPN, your device use the IP address of TikVPN server’s instead of your real IP address to connect to the internet, and the stream platform will consider you at the region where the VPN server in, and you can bypass the geo-resitriction, and watch your favorite shows all around the world.
Benefits of TikVPN
Bypass the geo-restriction
You can watch movies and shows all around the world just at home, no need to worry the geo-restriction when using TikVPN.
Stream shows with no buffering
TikVPN will bypass the bandwidth limit, and you will enjoy a great experience with no buffering.
Protect your privacy when streaming
TikVPN will encrypt all your online data and no one will know your browsing history, not the hackers, not your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and not TikVPN.
256-bit AES encryption
The 256-bit AES encryption will protect your online data well, and hide your real IP address, no one will know your browsing history, websites you visited, files you download or upload.
Why do you need TikVPN for a safer and faster streaming?
You need TikVPN when you are on a public Wi-Fi
Your ISP may limit your bandwidth and TikVPN will bypass the traffic throttling of your ISP, TikVPN will hide your real IP address and your ISP can not track you anymore.
You need TikVPN to bypass the geo-restriction
What should you do to stream your favorite shows when traveling abroad? Use TikVPN, TikVPN will change your IP address, and you can enjoy a great streaming time just as what you do at home.
Stream fast or stream safe? You need both
You don’t have to sacrifice your internet speed when you want to stream your shows safely, TikVPN will protect your privacy while offers you a great internet speed.
- Servers more than 70 locations
- No traffic throttling to slow down your internet speed
- Protect your privacy and security
Stream your favorite shows in 3 steps with TikVPN
1. Download TikVPN here
Download TikVPN here and install TikVPN.
2. Choose the plan suits you most
There are kinds of plans and choose the one suits you most
3. Choose a suitable TikVPN server and then connect to the TikVPN server
Choose the TikVPN server in more than 70 locations and enjoy a great streaming experience.