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24/7 live chat support to solve your problems
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How to access to the online TikVPN customer service?
Can not register for an account? Errors when upgrading to a premium member? Access to the online TikVPN customer service and get the help. The customer service is always on whenever you need help, and all the problems you meet when using TikVPN, we’ll sort it out.
TikVPN offers three ways to solve the problem you meet when using TikVPN: Help Center, E-mail Support and Live Chat.
Help Center
To offer better service to the users of TikVPN, the Help Center in TikVPN keeps updating to satisfy all kinds of meets of you, we need to make sure that the help center can really help the you with your problems.
When you access to the Help Center, you can type the keywords to the search filed to check the answers to your problems, and you can also browse all the articles in Help Center.
E-mail Support
TikVPN is easy to use, but you can still meet some problems when using TikVPN. What does the number of devices mean? Does TikVPN have traffic limit? Can I connect TikVPN without internet connection?
You can check the Help Center firstly, and if your problems are not solved, you can email us on the bottom of the help center, and we will give you a respond as soon as possible.
Live Chat
And you can still chat with us on the Live Chat we offer, just send us your questions, and we will try our best to help you, each of the customer support has deep knowledge of the TikVPN service, and they will give a respond ASAP.