Secure multiple devices with TikVPN

TikVPN: VPN for Multiple Devices
One account for TikVPN and you can use TikVPN on all your devices.
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One account for TikVPN will secure all your devices

You can secure all your devices with just one TikVPN account. Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, no matter which operating system you use, TikVPN will encrypt your online data, and protect your privacy and security all the time.

And what will happen if you connect TikVPN to your devices? Once you connect TikVPN to your devices, all of the devices on your network will be protected by TikVPN, that’s really important!
There are kinds of devices around us, but a new device brings a new risk. The bad guys such as hackers are looking for weakness to break into your device, if you use a VPN on your PC but do not use it on a smart phone, it’s just like you lock all the front-doors, but leave back-door open. It’s important to use VPN on all your devices.
TikVPN support all your devices
Desktop computers
You can protect your desktop computers in 3 minutes, download TikVPN, install TikVPN and connect to a TikVPN server.
Public Wi-Fi will always put you at risk, and you must protect your privacy and security, TikVPN is a must.
Smart phones
TikVPN will protect your smart phone whether you use Android System or iOS System, both of them will under protect with TikVPN.
It is not safe to access to your account on Tablets, especially your bank account, it is a good idea to install TikVPN on your Tablets devices.
VPN on your devices, the best way to protect your computers in office
No matter where you are, home or office, once you connect TikVPN to your devices, all of the devices on your network will be protected by TikVPN. It is the best way to protect all your devices - desktop computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets.
Why do you need TikVPN on all your devices?
It is important to pay attention to the number of devices it can support when you need a VPN, and a VPN support multiple devices is a must for you.
For your devices
Everyone use more than one type of devices to connect to the internet, your tabletop, your smart phone, your tablets and so on, all of them need to be protected to prevent hackers from breaking into your devices and steal your personal information.
For your work
Work without a VPN will open you and your company up for all kinds of risks, hacking, data leakage, and cybercriminal, and TikVPN will protect all your computers and smart phones on your network.
For your family
You can guarantee all your family with one TikVPN account if you connect TikVPN to your devices, and your family member can use social media, buy everything online, email to anyone without any risk.