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What is DNS?
The DNS, also known as Domain Name System, makes the browsing on the internet simple and safe, the DNS can resolve the domain name, such as "" into a IP address, and can also resolve a IP address into a domain name, that’s really important for the internet.
And how does the DNS work? When you want to visit a reliable VPN site, you type "" and your device will send a query to the DNS server, and the DNS server translate the domain name into a IP address, and then asks for the unique IP address of TikVPN, only with the DNS server, your device can connect to TikVPN with a domain system.
What is DNS leakage?
DNS leaks happen for some reasons, usually due to some form of configuration error, such as a Network Error, or a problem with Microsoft Windows itself. It could also be due to something more malicious, such as if an attacker takes control of your router, in which case you could have a much bigger problem than a DNS leak.
There are several main factors that cause DNS leaks:
1. Your operating system may have features that interfere with DNS traffic
2. Your DNS is configured to use DNS servers that are not controlled by a VPN
3. Incorrect network configuration causes DNS requests to leak.
4. IPv6 addresses are not supported.
How will a DNS leakage affect you?
You will be tracked by the ISP (Internet Service Provider ) or third parties if you are in a DNS leakage, and they will know everything about you when you on the internet, the websites you visit, the apps you use, the files you download or upload, all the information is not a secret to them.
And you don’t even know it, however, how to protect your device and your DNS and STOP DNS leakage? A reliable VPN, such as TikVPN, will help a lot with this case.
How does TikVPN STOP DNS leakage?
You are free from the DNS leakage with TikVPN, when connecting to TikVPN, your device is under protect, your device will use the DNS server operated by TikVPN, and all your DNS queries will be encrypted by a TikVPN server.
And you don’t have to worry about the data leakage anymore if you protect your DNS server.