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TikVPN will not track you or collect your online data, it is our duty to protect your privacy and security.
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The reason why the strict no-log policy is important

For the starter, why we need a VPN? Your online traffic will pass through your ISP (Internet service provider) if you don't use a VPN, and your ISP will track you every minute and they will keep your data for a while, and sometimes they even sell your online data to advertisers for profit. A VPN will encrypt your online data, and your ISP can no longer track you anymore.

However, it is not absolute safe when using a VPN, your ISP can no longer track you anymore with a VPN, but some VPNs do have the power to track you, and you must know what kind of logs can a VPN collect from you. In other words, when you want to get a VPN to protect your privacy and security, you should compare your options by looking at these details:
1. Which types of data will the VPN service collect when using it;
2. What are the external support/ tracking tools the VPN service use;
3. Which country the VPN service operates in, and where the local government require the VPN service to collect the user's online data;
4. What are the payment options the VPN service offers and how they are linked to the user identity.
The type of logs which collected mostly
Logs when browsing websites
1. Your IP address
2. Your browsing date and duration
3. The VPN server you use
Logs when using VPN
1. The websites you visited
2. The files you download
3. The VPN server you use
We can find from the information above that, a lot of sensitive data will be collected if the VPN you use do not have the no-log policy, and the VPN providers are not supposed to collect the information of the users at all, the information will not make the VPN service better.
However, some of the VPN providers claim to run no-log VPN services, but they still collect the sensitive information, and then they sell the data to advertisers for profit.
3 reasons why TikVPN is the best VPN service to protect your privacy
TikVPN is a ultimate no-log VPN service
The strict no-log policy of TikVPN makes TikVPN a ultimate no-log VPN service, and TikVPN will never collect the information like timestamps, session information, IP address, used bandwidth, traffic data, or any other information except those we need to know to service our user better.
TikVPN is based away from the EU and US
Which means TikVPN don't have to collect your personal data and send them to IS or government, if someone asks for it, what we will do is saying sorry to them, we like it this way.
TikVPN allows cryptocurrencies
With a crypto wallet and some stealth skills, you can sign up and pay for TikVPN without leaving a trace of who you are. And you still get the 30-day money-back guarantee.