Get Private and Encrypted DNS

Get Private and Encrypted DNS
TikVPN offers its own private and encrypted DNS to protect your privacy
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What is DNS?

IP address and The domain name
Every device on the internet is identified by the IP address, it is necessary when you want to surf the internet, it’s like the number of your house, the internet can find your device with IP address. And IP address should be translated to the domain name, AKA URLs, to suits the human beings better.
The DNS = Domain Name System
The DNS, also known as Domain Name System, makes the browsing on the internet simple and safe, the DNS can resolve the domain name, such as "" into a IP address, and can also resolve a IP address into a domain name, that’s really important for the internet.
Free DNS vs. Private and Encrypted DNS
Free DNS
Because free DNS services know which sites you want to visit and which services you subscribe to, the operators of these services can learn a lot about you.
Some free DNS services make money by creating and selling personal information about their users. This information is used primarily for advertising. For example, it can be used to assess the marketing value of a website by determining its popularity and where visitors are coming from.
Innovations such as DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and DoT (DNS over TLS) can protect DNS requests. However, most free DNS services still don't use DoH, DoT or any other encryption method. Not only can these services see your activity, but anyone can listen in on your connections.
Private and Encrypted DNS
Many VPN services only protect your internet traffic and leave your DNS requests exposed and vulnerable to attack. TikVPN solves this problem by running its own private encrypted DNS on each VPN server.
When you use TikVPN, your DNS requests are handled directly by TikVPN and are not exposed to third parties. You do not need to choose to use TikVPN's private DNS. the TikVPN app automatically protects all DNS requests, using the same encryption and tunneling protocols as all other online activity.
Benefits of TikVPN
No third parties
Connecting to TikVPN will protect your DNS and prevent the hackers from getting your DNS.
Strict no-logs policy
TikVPN do not keep activities or connection logs, and no one(including TikVPN) will know your activities when you surf the internet
Faster DNS requests
The DNS server of TikVPN’s is fast and safe, TikVPN can bypass the internet throttling and your internet bandwidth will never be limited with TikVPN
256-bit AES encryption
The 256-bit AES encryption will protect your online data well, and hide your real IP address, no one will know your browsing history, websites you visited, files you download or upload.