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TikVPN protect your devices with Kill Switch
Once you connect to TikVPN, all your devices are under protect every second.
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What is Kill Switch?

A VPN Kill Switch will keep monitoring your connection to the VPN server, and Kill Switch will block your devices from connecting to the internet when you switch a server.

TikVPN will protect your privacy and security, hiding your IP address all the time by encrypting your online data, and the hackers/ISP can not track you anymore with TikVPN, and the moment you switch a server is the only chance for them to break into your devices, and the Kill Switch protects your devices and secures your online data from accidental exposure.
With Kill Switch, the Hackers/ISP can no longer track you or break into your devices even in a short moment.
TikVPN offers two kinds of Kill Switch
For Windows
You can disconnect from the internet or block the indeed apps when disconnected from the TikVPN server. Blocking selected apps is recommended for advanced users who are in complete control of every app running on their device. A system-wide Kill Switch is a safer option.
For Android, iOS, and macOS
Kill Switch integrates with all TikVPN iOS and macOS apps and prompts for a system-wide network lockdown
if the VPN connection is interrupted. You can also make the switch available by going to Settings -> Wireless & Networking -> More ->VPN to enable the native termination switch for Android 7 or later.
You need a Kill Switch
A Kill Switch is a must and you must keep the Kill Switch on to protect your devices all the time. And a Kill Switch does not affect your connection quality.
Always keep the Kill Switch on
If your work is special and you live or work in a country which the government will track you every minute. Your freedom and security will no longer exist, and you need a VPN with Kill Switch to find them back.
Keep your Kill Switch on when working
You need a Kill Switch so much if your work is about handling sensitive information, you must make sure your device is always under protect, TikVPN is one of the best way to protect your device and online data well.
Keep your Kill Switch on sometimes
Losing access to social media isn't the end of the world, but it's still a nightmare. Turn on the Kill switch before entering passwords or other data that, if intercepted, could compromise your privacy.
How exactly the Kill Switch works?
The Kill Switch works in three steps, and let’s see
Access to content blocked while traveling
You can not stream your favorite shows while traveling due to the geo-restriction? Don’t worry, a VPN can easily bypass the geo-restriction securely and privately.
Stream the shows with no interruptions
Fast and easy to use, without any limits on speed or bandwidth, and you will have a great streaming experience with a VPN.
Keep yourself secure and private every minute
A VPN will encrypt your online data with a 256-AES bank-grade encryption and you will be under protect all the time.